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Traditional Monsters - EP#1

by Traditional Monsters

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One Armed Man Life is different when you have one arm It’s hard to squeeze your baby, hard to keep her warm When you meet somebody and go to shake his hand First thing that they notice is you’re a one armed man Life is different when you have one arm Hard to change that gearbox in your car Hard to keep your mouth shut when people start stop and look Hard to change those pages in your self-help book Yes, life is different when you have one arm Sometimes I get so fed up that I say god-darn When I’m feeling sad and blue I do the only thing I can I go down to the circus and watch the armless man Oh lend me your hand
Lucky Star 03:19
Lucky Star There's a snake in a box In the basement of a house In the box with the snake The man put the mouse Then the man stood and watched He felt a bit like god And the mouse Well all he knew Was he was feeling rather odd Then the man shakes the box Thinking "This could take all day" "Hurry up! Got things to do Money's time as they say - That's what they say" The mouse looked up And saw the man staring down at him He asked himself what it meant Hoping things aAren't what they seem The snake uncoils and moves slow Across the sawdust chips The man looks down His eyes are wide There's a tremor on his lips The mouse can't move 'Cause he is trapped Like a bug inside a jar But he still hopes Hopes he was born Under a lucky star A lucky star In a flash it is done And the man walks up the steps He goes outside under the sun He puts some water on the grass the snake still lays in the box In the basement of the house In his throat is a lump That used to be a mouse The man now knows He's seen the proof You can't change the way things are But he's no mouse He is a man For that he thanks his lucky stars
You’ve got the Power If there was a word A word is just a sound That if you said it Your whole world would change do you think you’d say it if the only thing you knew was from then on nothing would be the same ? Or if there was a sign A sign that you could make Like a gesture, a motion of your had Do you think you’d do it would you take the risk Like a step into an unknown land You have the power In your hand If you could see outside your own dimension Do you think you’d open up your eyes to see yourself alone Things are different What if everything you know are lies? You have the power in your hand
Push the Panic Button All the paint is peeling Just like I’ve been feeling Stare at the crack on the wall I see monsters ten feet tall Push the panic button – of love Fly in the ointment Such a disappointment Caused me such distress I sent myself an SMS saying Push the panic button – of love Life’s been playing tricks on you Neither heads nor tails And you wonder if you’ll ever win You’re standing in a corner talking to yourself What to do to change this state you’re in Push the Panic Button Once I get my thoughts together I’ll feel a whole, whole, lot, lot better Gonna dot my I’s and cross my T’s Get down to bare necessities Push the panic button – of love


The Yokai (Traditional Monsters in English) are a type of supernatural creature in Japanese folklore.

The term Yokai essentially refers to mischievous characters with supernatural or unexplainable capacities.

The musical world portrayed by Dick Turner and Traditional Monsters is something of a bestiary filled with borderline characters in search of hypothetical happiness, painted against a background of desperate humor...


released June 23, 2015

Traditional Monsters is:
Dick Turner - Voice & trombone
Emiko Ôta Drums - (Emiko & KiriSute Gomen, Mami Chan band, Fantazio, Don Cavalli ...)
Arnaud Caquelard - Bass - (Orval Carlos Sibelius, BigPants ...)
Axel Monneau - Guitar - (Centennial Orval Carlos Sibelius ...)


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